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Step 1: Book your discovery call. This is an informal chat so we can get to know each other and your project requirements a little better. At this time, we will ask you about your listing, deadline, and budget.

Step 2: Select Your Package. Complete our questionnaire with details. Upload your listing photos. (If you do not have photo’s at that time that is okay.) We will create the best design to appeal to your target audience and future buyers.

Step 3: Receive your virtually staged photos in 2-3 business days. Increase online views, showings, offers and sell homes faster with virtual staging!

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Platinum and Elite Membership

We are excited that we will be launching our premiere Platinum and Elite membership opportunities soon. Please join our waitlist and be notified when we go live.


We have been working on giving you the tools that will take your listings to the next level. With virtual staging we do not offer any cosmetic changes. However, with our Restyle and Remodel services we can no do this. We can take your floor plans and bring them to life. We can can change elements such as flooring, wall colors, cabinets and countertops. Show off the possibilities and help you buyers envision the bigger picture. Contact us today to discuss your up coming project.

Restyle and Remodel Services

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How long does it take to get my virtually staged photos back?

Once we have received your order along with your photos, we average 2-3 business days. Our team will do a consultation with you to confirm the exact photos you would like staged. We will also discuss style and additional needs of the property.

What size photo do we need to submit for virtual staging?

Send us high resolution photos you have in JPG format. We will review photos with to verify use and quality.

Where can I use the virtually staged photos?

You are welcome to utilize these photo's. You must disclose that the images are virtually staged. We will not alter any physical elements of the property.

Do you offer revisions.

We do offer on complimentary revision on your virtually staged photos.